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ICAT is a major chip assembly & test semi-conductor scientific and technological company, which founded in April 2018 at Xuzhou Economic-Technological Development Area.The total investment of the first phase is 500 million yuan, include manufacturing center、quality control center、 sales center、 management center and so on; purchase key equipments such as fully automatic grinding machine、fully automatic wafer scribing machine、Fully automatic wafer laminating machine and line - hitting machine、Process capability testing system、fully automatic sealing machine and so on. The designed production capacity is 360 million pieces every year.

ICAT will realize profit growth rapidly and improve market competitiveness by giving full play to the leading edge of technology and talent advantages through purchasing the most advanced technical equipments、using large-scale production operation、building well-equipped workshops、producing advance semiconductor assembly & test products. To promote ICAT develop rapidly, at the same time promote the local social and economic development. ICAT is committed to build the first large-scale fully automated integrated circuit assembly & test production line in Huaihai Economic Zone and the first enterprise with multi-layered assembly & test products and complete supply chain in China.